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What is Pokéyone?

Pokéyone is a discord bot that lets you catch pokemons while chatting with your friends. A few features of the bot are:

01. Pokémon Statistics  

A vast range of statistics, so every pokémon is different from the other.

02. Your Own Team And Storage

Train and level up your pokémon and create your very own unique team to duel other players, also store your pokémons and release the one's you don't want!

03. Amazing Battle Experience  

A competitive pvp environment to duel with friends with a vast option of moves and options.

04. Trade, Market And Gamble

Trading is also a feature along with a huge marketplace. Earn, Sell and Gamble.


Catch Pokémon in the heart of your server. Claim rewards, make friends, and catch 'em all!


Enter into awesome giveaways hosted by our community! Stop by our official server to participate. 


Trade Pokémon and credits with friends. Collect Pokémon or become rich with coins!


Sell and buy Pokémon globally with other users! Search the market for your perfect buy.


Learn how to play the game!


Need help? Visit support!

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