About Pokéyone

Pokéyone the only Pokémon bot you will ever need for your discord server. Catch, Trade and Collect your favorite Pokémons, play battles and many more. 


1. Why I should add Pokéyone to my server?

- We have a very simple and straightforward setup, just add the bot and you're ready to play.

2. How our bot is different from others?

- Our unique features include fast response, perfectly curated spawn rates, premium perks and many more. Why not try it today?

3. Someone stole my Pokémon. Will you help me get it back?

- Unfortunately we will not. Nobody can straight up steal your Pokémon. It is entirely up to you to decide where you give your Pokémon. We will not go investigator mode trying to unveil the truth behind your motive to trade any of your Pokémon. Be careful about who you trust.

4. I found a bug, where do I report it?

- You can report bugs in Pokéyone's official server here and we will get them fixed as soon as possible.

5. Is my payment secure?

- Yes. We never have access to your credit card information. Payments are handled through Paypal, a payment processor trusted by millions of companies worldwide and protected with state-of-the-art technologies. We also never have access to your PayPal account information and your transactions are protected by PayPal's Purchase Protection for Buyers.

6. Can I get a refund for my donation?

- Unfortunately, no. Since you can obtain both currencies inside the game without donating, there is no real reason to do so other than you willing to support the further development of Pokéyone. For that reason we kindly request from you not to donate unless you are in a position where you can afford doing so. We appreciate and thank all our donators.

7. Is Pokéyone affiliated with Nintendo?|

- Pokéyone neither owns nor claims to own any portion of the Pokémon Franchise. Pokéyone is an unaffiliated, fan-created game based off of products owned by the companies listed above. All custom artwork and coding for Pokéyone is credited to their creators, but intellectual property is owned by the above as well. Donations towards Pokéyone are going towards server maintenance and its future development. All staff members and developers are unpaid fans and volunteers.

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Pokéyone is not affiliated with Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and GAME FREAK Inc.